All about Welding Industries

All about Welding Industries

Welding industries developed well in the 19th century and in 1907 two welders came to us and patented a metal arc welding method. In 1923 institute of welding engineers was formed in New York City and in 1924 welded steel buildings were constructed in us. During the year 1928, in Pennsylvania welded rail Road Bridge was erected and in 1939 stud welding was used by the navy for the fabrication of ship and aircraft carriers.  This is the period where welding was in peak and after that many new processes and advanced welding equipment were introduced. Let us see briefly about the welding industries and welding technology.                         
Welding tools and weldors are the backbone to welding industries and welder machines is a device with moving parts and used to perform a welding task. The industry needs proper welding equipment, welding supply, welding accessories and it should be equipped with latest welding technology.
Different types of welding:
Know that there are different types of welding and each type is used to weld different types of metals. Arc welding is a process that uses the power supply to create electric arc and weld the metal at its welding point. In arc welding two methods are there such as consumable electrode method and non consumable electrode method. Shielded metal arc welding, flux cored arc, gas metal arc and submerged arc welding uses the consumable electrodes and tig welding is a non consumable electrode method that uses the welding electrode called tungsten electrode.
Different types of welders:
A welder is a machine or equipment that the weldor uses to make the weld and there are different types of welders used for different purposes. Tig welder is a machine that is used for tig welding process and while performing the tig welding process a weldor should have proper tig welding supplies with portable arc welders. Tig welding welds steel and aluminum so a proper welding system with appropriate steel welders and aluminum welders is needed. Welding industries use this type of welder such as Dc welder, stud welder, on board welder, reconditioned welder, used welder, laser welder, ac arc welder, spot welder, metal welder, repair welder and more for the smooth functioning of welding process.
Welding accessories used in welding industry:
Welding accessories are an optional part that is fitted to welder machines and welding equipment and it enhances the performance more. Welding accessories include welder helmets and protection, welding guns and torches, consumables and other accessories. Welding gears such as welder helmets, Welding gloves and more are used for the purpose of welding safety. Welding goggles are also used for the welding safety and it is used to protect the weldor face from welding fumes. Each and every welding process uses different types of welding guns and welder torches and tungsten is the most consumable electrode used in the welding process.
Plasma cutter:
The latest welding technology is plasma cutting process and plasma welder is the equipment used for it. Plasma cutter machine can perform two processes such as plasma cutting and plasma gouging. Plasma gouging is used to remove the welded materials.

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Learn the basics of shielded arc welding from an arc welding expert in this free DIY video. Expert: Malcolm MacDonald Bio: Malcolm MacDonald graduated from Connestoga College in 1968 taking the Fitter Welding Program. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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    depending on many factors (schooling type of welding experience) I have seen 18 – 50$ a hr. Being a welder in this day and age would be a vary good career path! As you can see by this vid most of the welders today are from the baby boomer generation and will be retiring soon. I am in a 2 year welding program in my High school and we have employers coming to our school looking for welders. But my school also offers AWS 1″ unlimited certification to. I think only High school in the US to do that.

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    if u are going to do this for a living and just starting out. id go with a automatic lens sure they flash once in a while but get a nexjen lens (by jackson) they come in 4″and 2″ i like the 4″ myself it comes w torch and grind settings. good for strucual welding oh your can adjust your shades for welding too 9-13

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    yea, the auto tinting mask do make a world of difference, but you can get a good for 40 or 50 bucks. and they do really help

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