Online Welding Supplies Quality Welding Equipment

Online Welding Supplies Quality Welding Equipment

Welder is constantly changing the way welding equipment and welding supplies with the advent of the internet to sell welding products for example welding rods and wire, welding machines, welding helmets safety products.


Welding supplies company requires connect the power of the internet to access more discriminating market. Earlier period, wholesalers can control welder manufacturers, distributors and other welder channels in the industrial sector. These obsolete ways of doing business are slowly disappearing due to the handiness of online shopping. Any welder can simply find welding supplies online; compare pricing to make an educated purchase in order to save money on welding equipment needed for the welding job to perform with skill.


All welding products searched on the internet because of readily accessible welding supply firms now online. Welding supplies for welding machine such as tig welding, mig welding, arc welding, plasma welding and gas welding can be found on the web to make shopping easier.


Welding manufacturers will be faced with the hard choice and old welding supply agreements with large welding equipment supply firms can compete toe-to-toe and offer enhanced service.


A vast way to grow with the welding industry is to identify the need to sell welding products in effective ways and meet the changing demands. Some welding supply firms have been around for many decades, the lure of selling their welding equipment online is too great to ignore. Welding equipment and welding supplies in any other fashion? Just by sheer convenience alone is enough incentive to convince any welder to consider buying from online welding supply company.

Jake Smith is a market analyst in the area of welding equipment Australia and welding supplies. He likes to share about benefits of welding accessories and welding equipments on the basis of investment done by industrial clients in Australia.

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Aluminum welding. How to MIG weld on aluminum with a Millermatic and a Spoolgun. Setup and weld techniques are covered.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Online Welding Supplies Quality Welding Equipment

  1. bmwjmj says:

    please take a look at FroniusWelding s chanel. And CMT tecnology.!!! Amazing.. Miller, Lincoln, Esab and Kemppi succs so bad!!

  2. cruddbucket says:

    @bigslickak90 lol @ u

  3. wwwweldercvfi says:

    Very good

  4. IAmSmokingDank says:

    @ozzy1evil lol

  5. therotaryrocket says:

    @xECHOx123 school is the best place to weld. If you go to community college and take a welding class you can just pay for the class, and then you get the opportunity to weld probably every day using the schools materials and facilities. I am so glad I went to auto body repair class, I go to fuck off with all those free materials using free tools. We had high quality paint, tools, paint booth, welders, frame machines, and whatever else. Had to be some of the best days of my life, learned a lot!

  6. ozzy1evil says:

    @bigslickak90 you can mig weld aluminum stipid i go to school for welding dumb ass

  7. bigslickak90 says:

    (MIG Aluminum Welding) fail….any welder knows u cant mig weld aluminum ur weld will never stick im 19 years old been welding for 6 years and i know that

  8. ccf815 says:

    Anyone who wants to be a welder..LEARN HOW TO READ A PRINT! If not you’ll be a mig and jig guy that tops out at $13 an hour. And it will be hot/dirty/shitty work. I can teach a monkey how to weld and I’ve only been able to teach a handfull of people how to be welders. You must also be able to fix your f#ck ups because you will f$ck up. Make math your best friend 20 yrs from now you’ll understand why.

  9. ed563 says:

    @guitar1094 No.. they have not yet invented flux core wire for aluminum.
    If you are wanting to go that route and skip using a shielding gas, then you will have to purchase an arc welder and some aluminum rods.

  10. ed563 says:

    i just welded aluminum to metal with a flux core welder

  11. omnipotent1995 says:

    can’t wait for next semester to start WELDING!

  12. yellowmetalcyborg says:

    @24preacherboy I’m making a welder and I’m not out of school yet. Indeed, welding expands your horizons and posibilities.

  13. 24preacherboy says:

    @xECHOx123 Why wait
    Start now. The world is a greater place when you can weld.

  14. jpelczar says:

    I’ve heard that aluminium welders are the 1337. Is that true ?

  15. guitar1094 says:

    any body know if instead of using argon for aluminum could you just brush some flux on what ever your going weld sort of like inner shielding steel wire but with aluminim?

  16. rdecaserio says:

    You better know how to read prints, have youre own tool box, AWS G6 and be a fabricator or else You wont probally last long on a job!!

  17. TheJoewiley says:

    @moseseseseses mig weld for over 10 yrs mild steel ,aluminum, stainless, high hard , and armor plating , looking for something new

  18. prototype9000 says:

    what about the mig wire that has teh shielding gas in it

  19. willbaguley9000 says:

    i want to weld but im going to take lessons

  20. MrSweetmore says:


  21. Lillie1986 says:

    Wow I didnt think you could mig weld aluminium. Looks alot easier than tig

  22. ted850760 says:

    @birch1607 but are you a ‘certified’ hung over welder

  23. khartiga3110 says:

    I can weld better than that my old arc welder mate you probably have way more expierience than me but that means that you should be able to weld good those are not good welds sorry its just my 2 cents

  24. Nounours821 says:

    I would be ashamed if my aluminum welds were so horrible…I get better results with a simple oxy-acetilen torch, good flux like te UTP 4 and 5356 on 6063 on 6061 aluminum. Out of fashion, obsolete maybe, but the ocy-aceti torch is the simplest way to weld and braze aluminum. Needs a bit of training.

    Fabfabber, you’re right; preheating with a common propane torch is the best way. On small pieces a hot air gun does the job.

  25. moseseseseses says:

    Offshore welders earn $2,775.00 per 84 hr. work week. If you would like to work offshore, send to me your email address. If you would like to go offshore as a welder’s helper, or roustabout, or galley hand, or cook, send me your email address.

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