How to Solder : Soldering Iron Maintenance Tips

How to keep your soldering iron in good working condition; get expert tips and advice from an expert on how to solder electronic equipment in this free instructional video. Expert: Jeff Naylor Contact: Bio: Jeff Naylor is the owner and operator of Mtroniks Engineering in Mesa, Arizona. Filmmaker: Eric George

Soldering copper pipes is an important skill for many home improvement projects. Tim Carter of shows you how to solder copper pipe to get a water tight seal.
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50 Responses to How to Solder : Soldering Iron Maintenance Tips

  1. nuaurea says:

    i have a new temp controled solder, to tinning the new tip am thinking to use weller tip tinner before i use WBT lead free solder is that a good idea??

  2. MrBlandandboring says:

    is the wire cleaner just a wire sponge, if so would a normal wire sponge work well enough?

  3. susanbrown6349 says:

    thanks from a beginner

  4. kyle247i says:

    @SomeoneWitSkill are you saying All gays have STI’s haha lol!


    Almost sounds kinda erotic doesnt it? Nobody likes a Dirty tip oooooo

  6. SomeoneWitSkill says:

    no one likes a dirty tip

  7. Pyrotach says:

    who else thinks this guy looks like alan from the hangover?

  8. dedasdude says:

    @mclmatty i use a 35W, but careful. to be safe follow this technique /

    put a layer of solder on both components to be soldered after cleaning and putting paste on them,
    then touch them together and take some solder on the tip of the iron (mine’s a flathead) and make the solder on the iron touch the point of junction of the two components, lo and behold, wonderful soldering without over heating the components!
    using lead free is harder.i use leaded, just dont breathe the fumes 😀

  9. stickworld651 says:

    @FearTriX dude ur suposet to do that its softer than the tip bur harder than oxidation and solder

  10. FearTriX says:

    Nice way to remove all the iron plating from the tip of the soldering iron. Gently dab the tip on the brass wool, don’t stab it so hard.

  11. njeosys says:

    I CAN’T SEE with the words in the way! I need to SEE, not read, what I need to do.

  12. sm870621345 says:

    Why does expert village exist? Hal their videos are idiots that don’t know what they’re doing. The videos that would be useful, like this one, they cover what’s going on with text.

  13. terminadork2009 says:


  14. Pimpmastahanhduece says:

    always clean off your soldering iron after you stab someone in the face with it.

  15. tailguy123 says:

    my tip is very clean ty 😀

  16. mclmatty says:

    @dedasdude i have done soldering at school, im 13 and i got my own iron delivered today, it came with the solder sucker thing for de-soldering, enough lead free solder to do me a while, plus a really nice stand that id pay £10 for, and i got it all for £7.99 it was a great deal from amazon 😀 (its a 30w btw, is that good?)

  17. VOODOOxw says:

    @dedasdude I bought new soldering wire and it doesn’t turn black anymore 🙂 Thanks anyway 😀

  18. Chimpaliciousness says:

    ha can u use a hot cleared off soldering iron to light up ur weed? just curious

  19. dedasdude says:

    instead of using that brush wire thingy for cleaning off the excess, i use a sandpaper, or a file.
    but thats just crazy me. 😀 (i works for people who dont have that thing)

  20. dedasdude says:

    no it isnt. atleast not if you are using 60/40 soldering wire.
    try not having excess flux when the solder is cooling down, burnt/ melted flux becomes dark after it cools off.

    who am i? i started soldering when i was 12 🙂
    thanx to me dad!

    and i still use the prehistoric(aged more than me) soldering iron with a screw driver like tip. and still works a charm.

  21. themoviekidownz says:

    thank’s. 🙂

  22. themoviekidownz says:

    i love it. 😀

  23. MrJANTJE123 says:

    @themoviekidownz never use a file or a brush the brush is only needed for the barrel use fine steel wool or verry carefully with verry fine sanding paper

  24. burgermikestir says:

    Loved the thumbs up and smile combo.

  25. lofingl says:

    lol. u look like guy from hangover

  26. BrettDixonMusic says:

    Well, I have my macbook pro set up in my future bathroom. I’d like to be watching this while I do it because I’ve never done this before. Thanks for the video!

  27. FarCriedOff says:

    Whats sodder ?

  28. AsktheBuilder says:

    @ShaunJ4Y1873 Thanks! I’ve always wanted to visit your great country.

  29. ShaunJ4Y1873 says:

    Actually in Scotland we pronounce it soder
    And yeh soldering is easy

  30. austntexan says:

    @AsktheBuilder this is from wiki, so the mileage may vary on it’s validity but, “The word solder comes from the Middle English word soudur, via Old French solduree and soulder, from the Latin solidare, meaning “to make solid”.”

    I’m from Texas and my dad has always pronounced the word like “sodder”. Looks a lot like the Middle English version. We talk real good in Texas. 😉

  31. AsktheBuilder says:

    @1955Brummie We have perhaps 5 different dialects in the USA. We pronounce things differently than you blokes over on the other side of the pond.

  32. 1955Brummie says:

    In England we pronounce Solder jus the way it’s spelled…..Sol-der. Why is it pronounced sarder in the US?

  33. Hansneesnbumpsadaisy says:

    No matter how many times I read this kind of stuff in a book nothing beats watching a video like this – I’ve got to solder a copper pipe stuck ten feet up an external wall – this vid has real value. Many thanks.

  34. oldman32123 says:

    Thanks man. i thought it would be hard but it looks so easy.

  35. AsktheBuilder says:

    @Bushougoma I hate to say it, but you’re wrong. The flux keeps the copper from oxidizing as the heat rises. Capillary attraction – you studied this in high school chemistry – is what pulls the solder into the joint – even upside down.

  36. AsktheBuilder says:

    @paolobenne Yes, you can solder upside down. Do it.

  37. paolobenne says:

    My joint that I am soldering is upside dowm. Will the solder pull up into the fitting? Also the fitting is heavyer/thicker then the copper pipe. Will this still work?

  38. AsktheBuilder says:

    @MrTweedledee2 Heat the joint till you see the solder melt. Pull it apart.

  39. MrTweedledee2 says:

    I’m having no trouble soldering, but a heck of a time trying to take apart soldered joints. The same solder that melted into the fitting doesn’t seem to want to melt out. What do you think it going on?

  40. adzyk says:

    Hi, i have butane/propane blow torch and the thing that i find difficult is that when i move the blow torch away the solder doe not melt i have to keep the blow torch there on the joint… but i know as u were saying that the blow torch shouldn’t be there and the hot joint should melt the solder… what am i doing wrong?

  41. kaitusunique says:

    @tammas2000 if you live in the US, then the correct way to pronounce it is by saying the ‘o’ as in ‘a’ in car but stressed… like you write it “Sodder”

  42. AsktheBuilder says:

    @mommyofamiracle0908 Oh, that’s an easy one. You’re not doing it right. Two likely causes: 1. The copper is not clean 2. You’re not getting the pipe and fitting hot enough so the solder flows into the joint. DON’T put the solder on the joint while the torch is there. Watch the video again several times.

  43. mommyofamiracle0908 says:

    question my boyfriend watched some videos on how to do this and from what i can see he has did everything you have said to do and still can not get a solid solder. He is a pretty good mr fix it and isnt stupid so we cant seem to figure out why it leaks still

  44. dontexaggerate says:

    Thanks, straight instruction without unneeded info. Good video!

  45. tammas2000 says:

    Please stop calling it “Sodder”. It’s solder, as in older with an “s”. How do you get that name sodder?
    And my credentials: I’ve been a cable jointer for 30 years soldering Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steel (yes, steel!) and Lead wiping.
    I like that you use flux instead of just multi core solder though as the heating can cause oxidisation which won’t let the copper tin probably, so it’s important the flux covers the whole area to be soldered.

  46. ding0925 says:

    @IMDARKFIRE007 Come on …A well trained monkey can solder really is that easy , just do it like he shows in the vid…

  47. AsktheBuilder says:

    @rusovich1999 Clean the copper and get it cherry red hot. Apply the silver solder. After you accomplish this, I ask that you consider buying a book my Aunt Clara authored: Professor Phonics Gives Sound Advice

  48. rusovich1999 says:

    hello good tuto i need help to soldering whit silver a cooper pipes???

  49. chadlee1974 says:

    imdarkfire007 I understand your frustration, trust me on this. I tried soldering and brazing for the first time about 10 years ago and I was livid to say the least. But, when routine practice, and remembering the steps you are taught, you WILL be successful. One thing I learned a long time ago, when it comes to copper pipe/tubing, CLEANLINESS is GODLINESS! The cleaner your pipe and fittings, the better success you will have! Keep at it, you’ll get it! Good luck!

  50. IMDARKFIRE007 says:

    yea the tide 🙂 that was likely my problem…..i was touching the solder to the pipe and taking the torch to it. ill give it a shot next time. im considering flex-on piping though, will allow me to drain and lift my water heater whe i do flooring work… opposed to being stationary due to copper pipes.

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