Weller Soldering Station -top consumers choice

Weller Soldering Station -top consumers choice

Whether you are a hobbyist or a manufacturer, a Weller soldering station is your best helping hand. Consumers’ reviews are always positive when it comes to Weller products, especially with soldering station products. With this product, you can never go wrong.

Weller soldering station is preferred by most people who love to do things by themselves, or what we know as D-I-Y (do-it-yourself). Even housewives who needs to keep the house intact and students who needs to get a project done quickly prefer a Weller brand soldering station.

The Weller soldering station was made by Karl Weller back in 1945. He repairs radios for a living. In his attempt to make his job easier, he invented a soldering station. The Weller soldering station is currently under the ownership of the Cooper Industries.

The reasons why many consumers prefer Weller soldering station is because it comes in an affordable and reasonable price, without compensating its durability and safety features with the low price.

Even for industrial works or large scale manufacturing, Weller soldering station is a reliable source of help. This product is sturdy to be used in bid productions, but portable to be used inside homes. In short, this soldering station is perfect to be used whenever, wherever and for whatever purposes.

Some soldering stations have different features distinct from the others. This may differ in per brands or per items or products. But when it comes to Weller brand, you are guaranteed to have only the best feature.

Weller WES51 for one has safety features, both for your homes and for the materials you are using your soldering station to. After 99 continuous minutes of not being used, this product will shut off on its own. This feature helps prevent your soldering station from over heating. Further, this will prevent your electricity bill from piling up and keep your home or factory from burning.

A Weller soldering station has a soldering iron, holder, sponge and a power unit. Its soldering iron or pencil, as some call it, has easy to grip handles for comfort. With this, the pencil will not slip from your hands and you are sure to have a steady hold of it. You will not also feel the heat of the iron from your hands. You will be able to continue working with it as long as you need to. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is also present at the power unit to indicate the hotness of your iron. This allows you to control the degree of the heat you want to use, which will prevent the materials you are soldering from being damaged from being over heated.

Weller soldering stations also comes with a one year warranty to make sure that you get only the best out of Weller’s products. With this, you do not need to think twice about purchasing a Weller soldering station.

These are the reasons why Weller soldering station get positive feedbacks from its users and why it is preferred by most purchasers.

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How to effectively remove solder; get expert tips and advice from an expert on how to solder electronic equipment in this free instructional video. Expert: Jeff Naylor Contact: www.Mtroniks.com Bio: Jeff Naylor is the owner and operator of Mtroniks Engineering in Mesa, Arizona. Filmmaker: Eric George
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Weller Soldering Station -top consumers choice

  1. soundspark says:

    @TWBrit You must have a two sided board. DO NOT DRILL because there may be internal traces or planes that would be broken. If it’s a two pin component try heating one pin and tilting the part to the side. Repeat on the other side.

  2. TWBrit says:

    I’ve tried both these methods yet still cant remove all the solder – I’m about ready to take a drill to it unless anyone has any other method I dont know about

  3. fuckinghellcunt says:

    @jerryfudala yes, you must first tin said booger then heat it then use sucker on it, hope this helps 🙂

  4. ShinobiGarth says:

    wow that solder sucker thing is awesome

  5. megamangt23 says:

    The braid is really horrible. I think the pump would be a perfect solution to de-solder without using the braid to overheat the circuit board.

  6. MenthiX says:

    @himynameisphuc the wick isn’t supposed to be cleaned. It it used, just cut it of and throw it away. Which is also why you might want to prefer a suction pump since it can be reused all the time.

  7. himynameisphuc says:

    after u using the solder wick how do you clean the wick than

  8. FearTriX says:

    Flux is needed on the braid to desolder, and flux I don’t see.

  9. Iymonchy says:

    Thanks for that Jeff.

  10. johnmar78 says:

    good on you mate I learned a lots thanks very much professor.

  11. alldaygamer says:

    @MaddDogg282 it didn’t seem like it was absorbing the solder that well

  12. xxladybug94 says:


    do u have a desolderer? if u do, u can put the iron against the solder u want to come off then immediately suck it up with the desolderer from the other side of the board’s hole

  13. MaddDogg282 says:

    @alldaygamer he first heated the solder then he placed the wick thing over it n then heated the wick from above so it can absorb the solder.

  14. hondablaster says:

    Thanks for the video this has answered my question on what the hell that ribbon was in my DIY DC jack repair guide. THANK YOU. I think ill stick with the pump!

  15. julko6070 says:

    god how much watts have that soldering iron? it melted the solder in second

  16. IDmann700 says:

    someone please help me, im so pissed off. im fixing a laptop and im trying to take off the solder, but the solder is stuck inside the whole. when i wipe the solder after applying heat, the excess solder goes into the holes. i got a desoldering iron but it doesnt get hot enough. how can i scrape out the solder out of the holes without runing the mother board?

  17. mybluebelly says:

    WOW that sucki thingie really works well ! Never seen that before. I just use the braided copperwire, but i always stretch it sideways before use to make it absorb more of the solder.

  18. IDmann700 says:

    @alldaygamer capillary action. its when particles slowly crawl up on object due to liquid contact. put it this way: if u take a paper towel and role it like a snake, and put one end of the paper towel in water, the water will rise throughout the paper towel due to capillary action or (the rise of a liquid). understand?

  19. alldaygamer says:

    What is he doing at 0:34?

  20. jerryfudala says:

    @station2station Did it only get part of it? Thats what happened to me…left about 86% of it still stuck to the wall of my nostril. Took 4 tries before I got it all…

  21. station2station says:


    Jsut tried it… yes and no…

  22. mw098 says:

    i am working on a small circuit board and the solder is bridging to the other joint. what do i do to remove all of the solder? i tried the suction gun thing but it did not really work.

  23. slipknotgogeta says:

    Does that sucction get reused to solder to solder again

  24. MrIvesston says:

    what is that suction cup called and where can i buy 1? please and thankyouuuuu

  25. tomek123kotek says:

    wow fail… braided shit… it really works… not

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