how to arc weld, stick weld

all you need to know to get started.
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25 Responses to how to arc weld, stick weld

  1. Knights2theEnd says:

    what does arcing mean? i get the whole zig zag thing, but what does he mean when he says ” they dont arc very well”? hope to hear from some1 soon, thank i

  2. Knights2theEnd says:

    what does arcing mean? i get the whole zig zag thing, but what does he mea when he says ” they dont arc very well”? hope to hear from some1 soon, thank i

  3. plavins1 says:

    thanx Dave, but i have a home made 380V 300A DC stick welder. i have 380V cuz all home apliances like TV’s computers microwaves in Europe run 220v and all the big stuff on 380V. i got the bridge rectification diodes out of electric train and those are bigass diodes. your welding tips halped!!

  4. diezbassist says:

    @76slippery oh ya i havent stick welded in ages

  5. 6013welder says:

    @ron1martens thanks i thinking to open a mechanic shop when im 30 ish

  6. ron1martens says:

    @6013welder Its good to see a young person like yourself having a genuine interest in skill full work. People that like what they do, end up being pretty good at what they do opposed to just working to make money. Of coarse everyone needs to earn money for a living.

  7. drayco6 says:

    Also try not to stand on wet ground when you do this. It could shock you somethin fierce.

  8. brodie1709 says:

    dave you should pratice what you preach and cover all the skin on your body or at least wear gloves. i bought a cheep stick welder from canidan tire for 100 dollars and it ran on 110.

  9. FromThe3PointLine says:

    i want a arc welder that runs both AC and DC that goes to about 150 amps but i can use at home instead at using a washer and dryer output, help?

  10. 6013welder says:

    @ron1martens same here

  11. ImpalaSS666 says:

    @76slippery not being a certified welder doesnt mean they dont know what they are doing.some may have even more experience

  12. 76slippery says:

    @TheSb282 Most of them work just fine. Way to expensive to justify the convenience if you ask me though.

  13. TheSb282 says:

    @76slippery Do u reccomend auto darkening helmets? I havnt welded long and have only used normal helmets but would like to kno if ther legit..

  14. 76slippery says:

    @seb43654 When welding flat you backdrag… meaning if you are right handed you start at the left side of the joint and move from left to right. Your angle is very important keep the rod at about a 5 degree angle pointing in the direction on travel (if you are right handed, to the right ___/ the “/” being the rod) The weld pool will build up behind the arc. I hope that helps. Be safe!

  15. 76slippery says:

    @diezbassist Actually the last number is the type of flux coating on the rod.

  16. seb43654 says:

    @76slippery I just began arc welding yesterday with an oxford rt110 – can you tell me which way to move the stick when you are welding – do I move it away from the weld or toward the weld?

  17. fantacmet says:

    Slick I plan on getting a welder REAL soon, a cheap one, and then just screw around with it to learn it. I don’t need to weld anything heavy, 3/16th inch maybe? Harbor freight is my friend. This video is very informative. Appreciated.

  18. gwilbur33 says:

    @badassreinitz You don’t really need to wear gloves when you learn not to touch the hot spots.

  19. badassreinitz says:

    u forgot to wear gloves, thats definitely a must too with arc, could burn the crap out of ya, by the way , i got that same car in your driveway, mercury cougar , horrible cars

  20. fiestyhamster says:

    does the color of the welding rod matter. cause ive heard that if they are different in color they speciailize in different types of metals and are better on other materials

  21. MooseBaker says:

    This will help me with my High School shop class! Thanks!

  22. Deeskey95 says:

    Some one needs to make a video thats called HOW NOT TO ARC WELD for us really experieced people!

  23. Deeskey95 says:

    kill the Kat with the welder you can just weld it to the top of your car make a nice custom look to it lol jk its true that you will be going around with a dead cat welded to your roof though so mabye you should? JK

  24. Deeskey95 says:

    also to get the metal kool enough the chip of the slag you just take some pliers or channel locks and dip it in water if your using plastic bin or bucket dont drop it caus it will melt through the bottom dont use a Styrofoam kooler or cup and where gloves becaus when the water is boiling its really hot and once you put the metal in it boiles and when you take the metal out the water evaporates very fast making it steam and the steam is hot to oh yea always were gloves and long sleevs!

  25. Deeskey95 says:

    haha 7:24 looks like you welded the ground clamp to the piece of metal

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