Lead-Free Multi Lead Soldering | Soldering Tips | BEST

In this soldering tip video brought to you by BEST, Inc. Norman Mier demonstrates lead free multi lead soldering technique. www.solder.net

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25 Responses to Lead-Free Multi Lead Soldering | Soldering Tips | BEST

  1. TheWakkoWarner says:

    What is the tip temperature you are using?

  2. eddiequest4 says:

    I noticed someone else had a problem with sliding text. That is my concern as well. But also the over lap-fade in the recording tends to merge your sentences. thx.

  3. eddiequest4 says:

    @VannyARTS I use high power reading glasses. Can’t afford much else.

  4. scatcatpdx says:

    I insist in using a microscope.

  5. ampdavolts says:

    @ExpertCMX12, ha ha: we think you want to get a flux capacitor. Then, view this video again, and learn to be deft with your touch and insight. It’s quite a craft, really an art at this level.

  6. martinkjlarsson says:

    Poor editing but great video!

  7. FarCriedOff says:


  8. Robosos says:

    bad video…

  9. 100roberthenry says:


  10. SolderingGeek says:

    BEST, Inc

  11. Billy18bm says:

    is there anyplace to get this type of work done?

  12. onemmatuk says:

    Do you think the method shown in the video can be applied to solder a SMT IC with 176-pin (0.5mm pitch)? Thanks.

  13. ExpertCMX12 says:

    i dont know how to use flux can some one please help me!

  14. FlipV87 says:

    3:05 “hmmkay, keepin it flat, Boom!”

    i love this vid, finally tought me how to solder these parts right!
    keep up te good work with these video’s and nice soldered joints!


  15. jancallej says:

    Excelent …Thanks you

  16. tt2ent says:


  17. KernelThread says:

    Boom, clean the tip lol

  18. RJLeffmann says:

    Nice work. I’ve always wondered how people soldered these tiny pins by hand, and I actually imagined that you would solder across an entire row of pins and use a very fine cutter between the pins to make sure they didn’t connect 🙂

  19. zincdustdust says:

    Great tutorial, the red scrolling text was making the video very annoying to watch

  20. gnostie says:

    Very good, clean job.

  21. rellik331 says:

    what flux are you using?

  22. SolderingGeek says:

    Sorry, future tutorials will not have that on them. Thanks for the comment.

  23. AhmedHan says:

    Good tutorial, but that red sliding text won’t let me see it all…

  24. johnny007johnnywilso says:

    nice work tanq

  25. SolderingGeek says:

    Magnifying ring lamp

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