Weller Soldering Station – the number 1 soldering station

Weller Soldering Station – the number 1 soldering station

Weller soldering station will make life surely easier for you whether you are a hobbyist, a person who wants everything in place, or an owner of a big industry. This Weller tool is a great partner in the household, school, and in factories. With this tool, you can get everything fixed instantly without breaking a sweat.

Soldering station is better than an iron or a gun. This is why it is preferred by many consumers. A soldering station consists of a soldering iron, holder, sponge and a power unit. But when you buy a Weller soldering station, you buy your self not just a soldering station but also comfort to your life.

One reason why you should pick a Weller soldering station and not those of other brands is that Weller’s is more affordable without sacrificing its quality. With Weller, you are sure to get both quality and quantity – quality with its features you will not get from other branded soldering station, and quantity with the amount of work you will get done because Weller brand is sure to last longer.

A good soldering station should be heavy enough to be unstable and fixed where it is laid on to, but light enough so you can carry it around wherever you need it to be. Portability is an important factor that needs to be considered for a soldering station. Weller soldering station gives you this. For this, Weller soldering station is preferred by most housewives who want to keep their homes in place and in complete order, by students who needs to get their projects done in no time, by hobbyists who enjoy making stuffs or starting new activities every now and then, and by large-scale manufacturers who do not want to spend lots of money for investment.

Weller is not just about selling and profiting. Weller cares for its users and consumers. Weller products have one- year warranty, to make sure that you get only the best of its products.

Weller soldering station also has a feature that will keep your homes safe. Their WES51 model, for one, has a feature that it will turn off on its own after 99 minutes of not being used. This feature, aside from saving electricity, will prevent your homes from catching fire if ever you accidentally forget to turn it off.

A liquid crystal display is also present on the power unit to show you the degree of hotness of the iron. This way, you can control the degree of heat you want to use on your project or activity.

The brand Weller is named after Karl Weller. He used to repair radios for a living way back in 1945. He invented the first ever soldering station to assist him in his job. But eventually, his product became helpful also to other people. Now, the Weller soldering station has been the most preferred soldering station by most people who knows best. Currently, the Weller brand is under the ownership of Cooper Industries.

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