Learn How to Solder Electronic Components

Learn How to Solder Electronic Components

Once you slodering electronic components, you will find it’s not difficult but unforgiving. If one of the components does not solder well, the whole circuit will not work, so solder the parts well is very important.


First, you should plug in the soldering iron and waiting for hot. Make sure the hot of iron is enough, thus you can solder the components properly. Second, unroll the solder so that a few inches stick out from the end. Third, please tin the soldering iron. Touch the solder for a moment and adding a tiny bit of solder to the iron helps the tip conduct heat and cleans off any dirt, rust or carbon build up. Fourth, take the electric components into the circuit board so that the pins go straight through. Fifth, touch the tip of the iron to the lead and the pad—the small hole in the circuit board where the component plugs in. Give it about one second to heat up.Sixth, you can touch the tip to of the solder to the lead on the side opposite the iron and quickly remove it. The solder will flow onto the lead and smoke. Make sure flow down to the pad, stop smoking and form a clear bead. Remove the soldering iron if that happens. The following is let the solder cool for several seconds without moving the component. You can solder any other connections for the same component. Last, clip off the wire end behind the circuit board if you have solder the components. 

So, can you solder the electronic components alone?

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