How to solder jewelry – Jewelry Making This jewelry making video shows you the correct way to use a soldering iron.

How to understand different types of solder; get expert tips and advice from an expert on how to solder electronic equipment in this free instructional video. Expert: Jeff Naylor Contact: Bio: Jeff Naylor is the owner and operator of Mtroniks Engineering in Mesa, Arizona. Filmmaker: Eric George

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50 Responses to How to solder jewelry – Jewelry Making

  1. CAP953 says:

    very helpful video , thanks. You cleared up a few questions I had.

  2. komornik997 says:

    Awesome video 🙂 I love jewelry so much 🙂 especially soldered

    *** – beautiful stained glass jewelry ***

  3. Jolefay says:

    @menukiman We aren’t talking to you about repairing YOUR jewelry. This is an instructional video for very basic beginners. SO REALLY. It’s 2011 the economy sucks and hon the customer is not always right. So get a grip on your tude.

  4. Jolefay says:

    Thank you. Got a soldering iron for Christmas. THEN, got a book about “kitchen table soldering” book uses torches and professional equipment. I would like to start slowly and see if soldering is even for me before I lay out a couple hundred dollars for equipment. So this is a good starter video. I love that Jewelry Supply has How To Video’s they have always been very helpful for jewelry makers.

  5. amptor says:

    @megasmart1337 I agree but since she was soldering copper, the copper wicked up the heat really fast from the silver and it worked anyway. This isn’t soldering electronics so it isn’t so sensitive. Just as long as it looks good and holds is all that matters here.

  6. megasmart1337 says:

    WRONG!!! heat up the metal first

  7. hristijank2 says:

    The wrong thing about this video is that is uploaded on youtube xD
    i was soldering at age of 5 with more experience than her,
    i want to see her soldering IC’s sensitive to heat on SMD circuits xD
    and if you solder jewelry is just wrong…its better if you weld them
    6 ohm resistor serial to 40V 10A power source and just touch the ends… done

  8. brssgirl says:

    its Amercians that say soder we English say soLder

  9. nwgrfxgrl says:

    @ricmanager I pronounce it like “saul-der”, but yes, it does sound like we’re saying “sodder”. I looked it up on Wiki and it turns out that the words “solder, solvent and solute are derived from the same Latin root, i.e. ‘to turn to liquid’, and are pronounced similarly.”

  10. nwgrfxgrl says:

    This is not for brazing fine jewelry, folks. For those of you looking for hard solder, or brazing tips, look elsewhere. For those of you who are talking about needed a torch to solder/braze, you obviously are in the wrong place.

    Soft soldering is used by professional solderers, like myself, to solder ornamental, copper foiled photo jewelry and art. Search “solder art” on the web and you’ll see how professionals use the solder iron and lead-free solder which contains tin, copper and silver.

  11. strongyang says:

    she got beautiful hands.. ;0

  12. BethanyFionac says:

    Best marriage service online

  13. susanbrown6349 says:

    thank you for basic instruction for soldering beginners especially for simple repairs

  14. stabulo97 says:

    as you mentioned before it get hot you also said wear glove you dumb cow 😀 thumbs up is correct

  15. njtomboy says:

    Thanks I needed just the basics and you provided just that.

  16. ThePeoplesVoice says:

    Handmade jewelry on Etsy at geomancy ::do t:: etsy ::do t:: co m

  17. CocktaiLMolotovX says:

    Hey girl, I love you !!

  18. pliskin3000 says:

    No no no…!!!! to make jewelry you need a torch…

  19. AdinJewelry says:

    beautiful video!
    Love is not a matter of counting the years. It’s to make the years count.
    Greetings from Antwerp!

  20. menukiman says:

    @alexvilla2008 Come take one of my classes and I’ll be glad to.

  21. alexvilla2008 says:

    @menukiman If you know how to do it properly then show us!

  22. cazad1966 says:

    Easier than I thought. Well, looks that way anyway. I just want to be able to solder jump rings shut. I’m using sterling silver and Argentium, if that matters.

  23. turntheaaron says:

    why the fuck would you wear short sleeves?

  24. ortzinator says:

    heat the joint, not the solder

  25. ZiennaHelp says:

    search ziennahelp for pretty awsome jewelry!!!

  26. ZdenekJindra says:

    I totally agree, the politics ruins the hobby for us, it forces us into that crippled non-working solder that only has negatives. Metal lead is not dangerous and it does not evaporate during soldering.
    Lead-free appliances will fail sooner than those made traditionally because the high temperature ruins the parts. Also, new equipment had to be bought to support the new process.
    And, on top of that, the lead-free solder is more expensive.

  27. LordDigz12 says:

    @dreamawaythemiles In the UK its pronounced Soulder, in the US its sodder.

  28. syncmaster710n14 says:

    What is that carpet stuff on his bench.

  29. manjularasika51 says:

    Find a playful chick make it tonight

  30. dreamawaythemiles says:

    Sorry to say, it’s pronounced “soulder”, not “sodder” 😉

  31. verbatin01 says:

    It’s pretty obvious this is electrical if you go thru the other vids or read the taglines, but the title doesn’t specify is my point. Typical forum rules would make YouTube vids more easily searchable. Like ‘types of electrical solder’. Just a suggestion.

  32. Esuper1 says:

    @verbatin01 The guy says he works in electronics… not plumbing.

  33. grandadpoppyable says:

    sounds like my dick.

  34. verbatin01 says:

    ummm… lead free solder might be harder to apply, but I’d think it’s pretty important if you’re soldering something like hot water pipes that deliver potable water. Do you guys that use leaded solder do this on people’s houses?

  35. ShinobiGarth says:

    i think i might need to try leaded. i have lead free right now and it takes ages to melt it. also need flux as it has a hard time sticking

  36. dumle29 says:

    @McGuywer why use lead free solder instead of a active carbon filter?

  37. fronkenpoop says:

    Pity you can’t really mak-ra-may with aloo-minum saw-der.

  38. kamden1980 says:

    Both actually. As in toe-may-to, ta-ma-toe. 🙂

  39. FearTriX says:

    “It doesnt penetrate as well” lol, sounds naughty! It’s called wetting.

  40. dying2l says:

    do you huff the solder fumes?

  41. ArmenianSOADfreak says:

    I don’t see the problem with lead free, I have solid lead free solder and its fine, I cant find any 60/40 or rosin core in the UK.

  42. FarCriedOff says:


  43. Flashtoorev says:

    0:30 It’s a lot harder to heat up, and it doesn’t penetrate as well.

  44. NeedForMadnessSVK says:

    OMFG :/ a factories are shitting to our atmosphere but everyone is caring about our solder :/ USE LEAD SOLDER, LEAD-FREE IS HORRIBLE

  45. psychosavant says:

    Yes, but what has better conductivity? Lead or lead free?

  46. SuperAwesomeBalls says:

    does the lead solder led electricity good ? =)

  47. tracyn9 says:

    i only see words.what is goin on??

  48. 67tr876 says:

    @McGuywer well have fun trying to get it to flow

  49. bpenda94 says:

    @McGuywer the fumes are actually the flux evaporating. unless youre using a jiggawatt iron.

  50. SuperXavier30 says:

    60/40 All The Way!!!

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