Types Of Welding Knowledges

Types Of Welding Knowledges

What are the different types of welding and what are they used for? If you are looking for a 20,000 foot view of the different types of welding along with applications.

Stick welding
Stick welding is often called Arc welding although that is kind of a misnomer because TIG welding and MIG welding are actually arc welding processes too.

MIG welding

Mig welding is considered one of the easiest types of welding to learn.Mig welding actually kind of describes 2 types of welding…bare wire mig, AND flux core welding.

TIG welding

TIG welding is considered one of the more difficult types of welding to learn…harder to master than mig or stick welding.

Plasma arc welding

Plasma arc welding is similar to tig welding except that the tungsten electrode is recessed inside a nozzle and the heat is created by ionizing gasses flowing around the arc.Plasma arc welding is used where high precision is required and in situations where a recessed electrode is beneficial.  Plasma arc welding is used extensively in aerospace applications for dimensional restoration of air seals and jet engine blade repair where thicknesses are often below .015″ and amperages used are often single digit.

GAS welding

Gas welding is one of the old school types of welding.  Oxygen and Acetylene is the most popular setup for a gas welding kit and gas welding is still used a lot for automotive exhaust applications, as well as by homebuilt airplane enthusiasts for welding 4130 chromoly tubing for airplane fuselages.  It works. It’s portable. And it is fairly versatile… There are still some people that swear by gas welding even for welding aluminum.

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