Welding. Welding helmets, standard and auto darkening.

www.learn-how-to-weld.com Welding helmets. Standard vs auto darkening welding helmets. Visit my site. www.learn-how-to-weld.com
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25 Responses to Welding. Welding helmets, standard and auto darkening.

  1. man9170 says:

    @learnhowtoweld thats ok

  2. learnhowtoweld says:

    Sorry that has been taken off over a year or so ago. Then I lost it because of a Hard drive crash. Sorry.

    I will have to write up another one.

  3. man9170 says:

    i can’t find the buying a welder thing on your website. Where is it?

  4. ConbonJD says:

    My dad thought He was too hard core and old skool to get an auto darkening helmet. But then after he tried it out he never went back.

  5. lolley1100 says:

    @saultman WHAT!!!??? I have one of those (the joker one…LOL) They are too good to let go…I had auto darkening ones in the range of $70-$150, they don’t tip the iceburg compared to the Elite…If you still weld, don’t get rid of it…

  6. NitroFueledViolence says:

    I bought one of those aut dakening helmets for $60 off ebay and you can get those ned kelly helmets with auto darking as well.

  7. sickdeathshappen says:

    keep that arc burning….nice

  8. saultman says:

    I’ll sell it anywhere I want.:)

  9. learnhowtoweld says:


    Ohh yeah good to know???, go sell it on eBay or something…

  10. saultman says:

    I have a Miller Elite Inferno I bought last year for $340.00 hardly used,and is in excellent condition. I am asking $175.00.

  11. spitzification14 says:

    @bozzza69 i retuned my aur=to darkening helmet and bought the old shcool helmet roday i love it my eyes feel reealy good after 3 hours of welding and i can look through a prefectly clean clar lens rather than a green one tha annoys me

  12. spitzification14 says:

    @bozzza69 thats what happens to me with my helmet i think i am going to return it and get the flip type i value my eyes more than convenience

  13. therebombs says:

    I got a miller elite “Lucky’s Speed Shop” and I love it. I use for when I go to shop in my high school. But those helmets are really expensive.

  14. learnhowtoweld says:

    Yeah I have seen them, another you tuber mentioned it as well. But they are about as common as hen’s teeth over here in Australia. No one that I know of uses them, and they are priced way too much. Considering a standard 4×2″ helmet sell for say 20bucks…. I think I was told an accustirke helmet was like $100+…..

  15. AntiTyrany101 says:

    what about a chin operated helmet.

  16. AntiTyrany101 says:

    @Goldwing777777 i havent tryed it but i recon its better becuse i was using an auto helmet and it took to long for the lense to darken so frig i get flashed. i want one of the accustike helments

  17. LorraineHatrix says:

    You need a Safe-Mate attached to youir helmet, the best thing since sliced bread.

  18. Bugberry says:

    i used to have one of those once [;

  19. learnhowtoweld says:

    Yeah The speedy glas is very popular, and yes very expensive. They are one of the best helmets that people tell me.

  20. bozzza69 says:

    i like the old school helmet once i used a speedglass for about 4hrs of mig welding and my eyes felt like i had gotten a massive flash but i didnt flash my self once.. and i have never came across a auto darkening helmet that wont flash you while tig welding apart from a speedglass my mate uses that cost like 1grand aus…

  21. farmboy30117 says:

    I love my auto-darkening helmet! I started out using a standard helmet, but I could barely even see the weld pool. I don’t have that problem now!!

  22. Goldwing777777 says:

    Accu-Strike chin-operated hands free welding helmet, is better mate

  23. sixshooter900 says:

    got me a miller roadster elite 6 months ago , no turnin back , have fun

  24. GarrettJDB says:

    im getting a miller auto darkinig helment for my birthday i live welding

  25. freddytk421 says:

    I have to use auto dark because I’m already spoiled. Dont get a miller big window elite thats the first one I bought and the spatter gets stuck on the ridge of the lens cover.(4g pipe) watch my welding videos.

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