Plastic Welding with Soldering Iron

low-tech plastic welding using a soldering iron with a sharp pointed spoon-shaped tip. Saigon, Vietnam. (pardon jumpy edits, camera low on memory)

Check out Squirrels forum! This vid is on how to install a Deans Connector and basic soldering. You will want a good soldering iron for this RC vid that can handle a 20W to 60W. For larger applications, such as soldering battery cells then you will want a 80w to 100w iron….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Plastic Welding with Soldering Iron

  1. rooprat says:

    He is only fixing a wheel guys. Give your heads a wobble.

  2. ellis31688 says:

    now everyones a fucking genius… i wish i had my 2 front teeth

  3. gammoria10 says:

    @clawdfrawg It’s actually greater volume with the SAME mass, but you get the idea. I.E. it’s the same amount of stuff, just spread out over a larger area. Like… when you freeze water, it expands.

  4. clawdfrawg says:

    @gammoria10 In a nutshell, It wheighs the same & has greater mass when you freeze it. I think I agree with you just not you’re wording.

  5. gammoria10 says:

    @clawdfrawg That’s from the density of ice. The structure that the molecules take when water is frozen makes it less dense, thus it rises to the top of water. Mass is constant, it is just how much matter an object has. Weight is a measure of mass that is affected by gravity. Change in mass does not make something float or sink in water.

  6. clawdfrawg says:

    @gammoria10 Thats why ice won’t flout on top of water.

  7. gammoria10 says:

    @Stella0Stella Water as a liquid, ice, or vapor will have the same mass no matter what. It has the same amount of atoms, they are just re-arranged. Mass is NOT weight. The law of conservation of mass states that your products will have the same mass as the reactants. This of course does not take into account E=MC², which in the case of water’s physical states is irrelevant.

  8. Stella0Stella says:

    Mass is defined as the amount of matter an object has. One of the qualities of mass is that it has inertia. Mass is a measure of how much inertia an object shows. Weight depends on the force of gravity. Think of water… frozen, liquid, steam-by the time you convert it to gas (steam) the Mass has changed. We take a tree, burn it, changes the weight… the mass/weight of everything is constantly changing. BTW it was tongue-in-cheek… I love to think about the way things work. you?

  9. mikkars250 says:

    @Stella0Stella Nice try.
    Mass (symbolized m ) is a dimensionless quantity representing the amount of matter in a particle or object. The standard unit of mass in the International System ( SI ) is the kilogram ( kg ).

  10. Stella0Stella says:

    @mikkars250 only if mass refers strictly to weight. Mass can refer to several other properties other than weight.

  11. mikkars250 says:

    @Stella0Stella ummmmmmmmm? wouldn’t the mass of the finished product = the combined mass of the raw materials?

  12. gokartbuilder101 says:

    0:01 pause it

  13. BassnFlash says:

    Having lived in Vietnam, they could build a B52 out of C-ration cans!

  14. jamescgale says:

    And now we know where walmart buys their stuff.

  15. moseseseseses says:


  16. MacsCanfly says:

    @brianwesley28 i sent you a link to a decent welder thats 155 dollars it would work much better than a soldering iron, and it has very good reviews

  17. brianwesley28 says:


    That’s the first thing that I was going to say, as well. They should be careful not to breathe those fumes. Interesting that one can weld plastic with such low wattage. I was just thinking that I need a plastic welder. The one I want is several hundred dollars. I may be able to make due with a soldering iron for a while. Good video.

  18. Stella0Stella says:

    @bobyouknowitsright _ duh… 😉 but try this one… two new continents are currently being formed, one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific… giant masses of plastic particles trapped by the ocean currents right below the surface of the water… the one in the Pacific is twice the size of Texas… give it a couple of million years… a voila!

  19. bobyouknowitsright says:

    God i hope your kidding

  20. Stella0Stella says:

    technique is pretty good 🙂 ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do… some of us just can’t go out a buy a new wheel… fix it, and keep it out of the landfill, I say… a’course that’s no good help to an economy based on the “throw it away” principle… I always wondered… does all the crap we generate and toss, add to the overall mass of the planet? hummmmmmmm

  21. datzfast says:

    he is out doors, its not going to harm him in the least

  22. andrewd5418 says:

    Go weld some fucking Galvanized steel.

  23. Emexrulsier says:

    I’ve fused plastic things together loads of times. If I have no soldering iron available I just use a knife that I heat up on an open flame.

  24. ScrewAttackChina says:

    not recommended kids!

  25. whoogie says:

    you shouldn’t get a smoky effect the plastic has been heated to much and it wont last!!!

  26. XxtekiexX says:

    @Squirrelod i have there shity things from china dont know what there name is but its like 2 circles one male and one female that is what i just did to my battery and esc ill go buy more on Monday/ tomorrow ty for the help

  27. Squirrelod says:

    @XxtekiexX If your charger is tamiya plugs then you can make a tamiya to deans adapter. Sure, its your setup. You can run what you need.

    I soldered deans onto mine. I have deans to tamiya, deans to traxxas, deans to the wall, etc.

  28. XxtekiexX says:

    ok so i went to my local hobby shop and picked up a set of dean connectors for my esc and battery then i got home and realized that my charger doesn’t have any dean connector would it be cafe to do another adapter switch on my charger?

  29. burtonkidd says:

    Yeah the ones i got fit actually really nicely, the tabs are gold plated too.

  30. Squirrelod says:

    @burtonkidd Well, try them out if you bought them. But, in my experiences, there are fitment issues with some of those. I pay the extra for the real deans honestly.

  31. burtonkidd says:

    Hey Brain i’m building a flux got a MM 2200 combo from CC and i was getting my stuff from ebay and came across 20 deans (10male 10 female) for $5 i bought them and want to know if i will be ok ?
    Of course there from China, should i ditch them and get a pair from the LHS ?

  32. d3et1roi3t says:

    You… My friend.. Definitely get your money’s worth out of your camera’s..


  33. shoegooguru says:

    if you forget the heat shrink(#@$%^!!)…wrap each wire lightly with electrical tape and then put a thin layer of Shoegoo over that. Works like a charm and your flying friends will be impressed …sorta. Also see my tips on how to get an extra 10,000 miles out of your ’79 Honda Civic with a couple of wire coat hangers and a pair of Vise Grips.

  34. Squirrelod says:

    @51Taco I like Hakko personally or PRC. You can go to your hardware store to see if they support a pointed tip for your model gun. If not, its up to you if the investment is worth it. If you dont do a lot of soldering then it might be best to get a cheap one that is variable for $20

  35. Squirrelod says:

    @Carlos230023 If you can keep the two leads from touching, like I did, then there is nothing to worry about and you can get them both done at the same time. This is not a high powered application or building back up (I have worked on those as a tech) and caution should be excercised. But, there is no reason to go over the top if you can control the wires (again, as I demonstrated many years ago on this very old film).

  36. Carlos230023 says:

    Holy cow, oki as an experienced hobbiest, dont pull both coveres off the battery leads at once, take one off, solder that to the connector, then strip the other etc… If the two wires (+ve & -ve) touch that’s pretty much the end of your lipo cell, On the bigger batteries this is very advisable and they can get very dangerous!

  37. 51Taco says:

    I’ve done this before with a Weller soldering GUN which doesn’t have a pointy tip so it makes the job difficult. Can I buy a pointy tip for the soldering gun………or should I just buy a soldering iron as in the video? What brand soldering iron do you recommend?

  38. ZebraRawrable says:

    i used this for airsoft

  39. clippersown says:

    @Squirrelod haha thanks bro!

  40. Squirrelod says:

    @clippersown nope 😉

  41. clippersown says:

    we don’t need to use any flux, right?

  42. ice1200man says:

    yay soldered my first connector to a lipo!!!! thanks but when im chargeing it im a bit worried. my hyperion charger shows 4.3 per cell for my 2 cell lipo when chargeing

  43. sbmsuperman says:

    Thanks. I needed this video. I used to get all my soldering done for free at my lhs, but they closed down.

  44. Ch2p95 says:

    aweomse video squirrel, it helped me out very much. I was confused on which was + and -, and now that I know the female goes on the battery and male goes on charger/esc, thanks!
    I got my soldering iron and connectors for free off of getfreeprizes webs com, check it out

  45. Squirrelod says:

    @Y0UCANTPARKHERE You can buy them there, at a electronics store, online (ebay), etc.


    hey where would you buy the wire do make a deans extension lead, would you just get it from a hobby shop or something.

  47. Squirrelod says:

    @RadioactiveLegos For deans, yes.

  48. RadioactiveLegos says:

    Good vid Squirrel 😀 So the horizontal connection should be (-) and the vertical should be (+)? Is that the “standard” configuration? Thanks

  49. Squirrelod says:

    @Y0UCANTPARKHERE Yes you can


    can you solder dean connectors between the motor and esc

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