Importance of Stick Welder in Welding Process

Importance of Stick Welder in Welding Process

Stick welding is known as the process that makes use of a covered electrode called stick. Also, known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding or SMAW, stick welding is the most widely used method today than other welding methods. But, now the question is how do they work?

The equipments used:

Stick welder contains circuitry inside the machine, which enables to carry a specified amount of voltage, therefore creating an arc. And, this is the reason why these welders are sometimes referred to as ARC welders. Totally relying on the application as well as on the machine, the current can be either alternating or direct current. The circuit board, which is present inside the welder enables it to ground the negative to the positive by creating heat without burning the electronics.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

The welding procedure with the help of stick is called shielded metal arc welding or SMAW. The welding stick is a metal, which is coated with a flux material that burns off when the arc is struck, thereby creating a gas that protects the weld created. This type of welding is the most preferred method for the purpose of large metal structures like building framework, etc., because of its versatility and penetration ability. Although, today, other welding process like Flux-cored welding, or wire feed, is gaining more popularity, but stick welding still dominates the field.

The Weld:-

Factually, there are two types of leads that occurs in a stick welder. One lead is the negative clamp, and the other is the positive lead. In positive lead, the consumable metal stick is placed, while the negative lead is clamped on to the metal that is to be welded. During the process, when positive lead containing the stick comes in contact with the metal, an arc is created that further burns into the metal surface. Throughout the arc burning process, the stick is also burned, which thereby creates the weld. And, this is why welding is considered different than that of soldering process.

Safety Measures

While getting indulged in the process of welding, it is imperative to consider certain safety precautions to get rid of the risky environment. Always make sure to wear a welding hood when striking an arc. It is known that harmful UV rays are produced during the welding that can lead to burn in the eyes, so it is advisable to wear suitable goggles during welding. Also, wear leather welding gloves and a long-sleeved leather jacket, as well as heavy footwear and jeans. Remember, to remove all the inflammable materials from the work area before welding. So, consider the safety measures in order to get clean and successful welding.

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