Basic Soldering Tools for PMC, Silver & Gold – Part 1

Get started soldering! Soldering is easy when you have the right tools. This video will show you what you need for soldering silver and gold, including PMC silver clay.
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The 852D SMD allows soldering of QFPs and SOPs with its wide range of adjustment of the air volume and temperature settings. For greater efficiency the same nozzle can be used for both soldering and desoldering. It also features automatic cooling to protect the heating element and handle when the power switch is turned off. This rework station is ESD-Safe and it is made of metal and coated with a static-dissipative paint and allows for Soldering and desoldering QFPs and SOPs. Specification: Power Voltage: 220V AC or 110V Power Consumption: 270W (Max.) Pump: Diaphragm Pump Capacity: 24L/min (Max.) Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: 0.5mV Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M Hot Air Temperature: 100 to 480C Tip of Iron Temperature: 200 to 480C Outer Dimensions: 187(W)x150(H)x245(D)mm With the hot air output of this unit, you can perform surface mount rework in seconds, without damage to either components or PC boards. Just attach a nozzle onto the hot air tool, place the nozzle over the QFP, SOP, PLCC or SOJ to be desoldered, apply hot air to melt the solder without ever touching the component or PC board, and gently lift the component from the board. Soldering of the replacement SMD is just as easy. Other applications include thermal testing of electronic components, shrink-wrapping protective packaging, and welding thermoplastics. TAGS:Soldering Station Welder Rework Kada 852 850 862 History Manufacture China Factory Chinese Technology Foshan DGC Mini QFP SOP PLCC SOJ HOT AIR GUN ELECTRICITY
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Basic Soldering Tools for PMC, Silver & Gold – Part 1

  1. TheMicDaddy says:

    @digitooltv I paid $70 for it and got my use out of it. No doubt it served its’ purpose, but I prefer a machine with some longevity. The 936-12 I purchased new has a 2 year warranty.

    If the spare parts were sold relative to the overall cost of a new unit perhaps I’d pay and repair this one a few times, but it is not economically efficient to keep buy/replace whole units.

  2. digitooltv says:

    @TheMicDaddy That is the machine you have for 2 years sir, buy a board for it. You used it, made an investment and is time for a replacement. ANy machine in the world , specially using heat in excess wears out.

  3. digitooltv says:

    @TheMicDaddy Sir, get into a store that sell the spares. 2 Years is time of use. Time to get a new one. 🙂

  4. TheMicDaddy says:

    Iron just died,

    The hot air blower went out first, and now the soldering iron died.

    I’ve not ever had an HAKKO die like this

  5. Mykola40 says:

    Chinese girls la la la la la la la – you are hot dolls – lla la la la la la la… )))

  6. TheMicDaddy says:

    Hello, I bought the Kada 852D+ used and have had it for almost 2 years. It works great compared to more expensive Hakko units. There is a slightly ‘cheaper’ feeling unit, but does work very well. I solder professionally for audio equipment and this is my primary machine. My problem, the air pump/motor seems to have failed. The hot air element still gets hot, with the air-flow knob all the way up it only barely blows a little air. Where can I purchase spare parts thank you!! Great machine!

  7. digitooltv says:

    @evolution2015 There is no such done with this machine sir.
    Maybe that in some kits for training, but not for removing as pro. So, there is no video for that.

  8. evolution2015 says:

    i`m wondering is it is capable of removing and replacing a PLAYSTATION3 OR XBOX CUP & GPU.

    I would sure like to see a video of this machine in action removing one of these chips.

  9. linagee says:

    Went with the Aoyue 968 instead. It has a little hose next to the iron that sucks away the fumes. (And also has options for faster cooling by keeping the blower on after power down.) Other than that though, it is pretty similar. (About $30 more in price for those features.)

  10. pauloninja85 says:

    im not rich,but i would gladly pay one extra buck if i knew that that money would be used to improve the working conditions of these people : (

  11. digitooltv says:

    @linagee Or you can buy a machine in Hakko or other brand with more ” aesthetic ” and pay 3 times the price, there is always sir the option to buy more expensive, you can do that 🙂 , this is machine greatly created for the price you pay for it and more than 20,000 people a year pay for that, because is created not in a fancy way, so you do not have to pay more for it.
    DGC Media

  12. linagee says:

    This video sort of freaked me out a little. The amount of roughness they handle everything with is scary. I guess it all gets quality control tested before going out though, so I will probably still buy one.

  13. digitooltv says:

    @creativeengineer , Hello, well we just the media side of DGC, so we are not much related to the production part, but I am pretty sure the owners treat all with fairness and appreciation.

  14. creativeengineer says:

    I bought one of these and it works well. They are excellent value for money. Works well. A big thanks to the workers at DGC for doing such a good job. I would be happy to pay more if the workers get to profit share with the owners.

  15. hipnocesar says:

    thanks for sharing!

  16. digitooltv says:

    Our website ?

  17. zappatx says:

    Where can I buy replacement tip for my 936D Station?

  18. digitooltv says:

    in dragon group china sir.
    get into our website and ask in the emails there.

  19. dotsource says:

    Where can we get hold of the electric screwdrivers as used by the Assembly Workers?

  20. digitooltv says:

    So, with all the new Smart Digital V 4 machines is that the videos will be done, was a big step until all the new machines started to being released 15 days ago.

  21. digitooltv says:

    We are working in a full series of all the machines that DGC design or cover, but we are right now so busy and so limited in China with the videos that we are trying the best we can.
    Soon we will start releasing a full series of tutorials. And comparison between machines, also the 852D+ evolved into 862D+ already so, we have Smart Digital Control V4 on it already, a most efficient board and faster heating time.

  22. swecoke says:

    Very nice video ,cant you add a tutorial video , how to use this Kada 852D+ rework station ??
    How to remove smd chip , and resolder them ..
    Explane how to use solder and flux pastes.
    Whits tips to use , and nozzles ..
    Some tips and ideas , temp and air flow to guide us beginners to use this great soldering station

  23. digitooltv says:

    We already are processing much more. It is just hard because of our country policies, we have to process out of the country.

  24. Tda7000 says:

    Very informative video
    I sure would love to see more

  25. digitooltv says:

    Great, we hope you like it, price is great, and is a very good product too.

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