How to Solder : Tools for Soldering

How to obtain and use the tools needed for soldering; get expert tips and advice from an expert on how to solder electronic equipment in this free instructional video. Expert: Jeff Naylor Contact: Bio: Jeff Naylor is the owner and operator of Mtroniks Engineering in Mesa, Arizona. Filmmaker: Eric George
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Buy or find more info about the LRP High Power Soldering Station please visit the links below: While surfing the forums recently I was shocked at a particular post. One member wanted to know how much his local shop would charge to solder a new connector to his battery pack. I was shocked when I read this, as perhaps the one skill I have picked up over the years – and can’t do without – has been soldering. The more I looked into this matter, the more I became aware that there really weren’t any good resources showing people what soldering is, why it’s necessary or how to do it. That’s where we come in. Soldering isn’t some secret mumbo-jumbo task that you need to have a masters degree in rocket science to be able to perform. It’s actually quite easy if you know what you’re doing and have the right tools at your disposal. We’ve recently had a chance to test perhaps the best soldering setup out there right now, the LRP High-Power Soldering Station. This made it the perfect time to demonstrate some of the basics of soldering. We’re going to show you how to properly use and maintain your soldering iron, provide some soldering tips, and show you how to perform two of the most common soldering tasks: direct-wiring an electric motor to your speed controller and installing a Deans Ultra Plug. The steps are simple and straightforward and, in most circumstances, just about anyone should be able to perform them. Questions? Comments? Feel free

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40 Responses to How to Solder : Tools for Soldering

  1. IRONMAIDENFAN2006 says:

    @bluntza bullshit

  2. psphackoOo says:

    @cay311 probably this guy..

  3. cay311 says:

    who is in jail, this guy or your brother?

  4. bluntza says:

    this guy used to work with my brother, hes in jail for killing his wife while he was on pcp

  5. blargd says:

    @themoviekidownz YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  6. themoviekidownz says:

    SAFTEY, *puts glasses on*

  7. falcon747474 says:

    Great information Jeff!!…..thanks!!!

  8. eljohn385 says:

    I have this exact same soldering station at home! I wonder where he gets his replacement tips? Most hakko stuff is impossible to find in the states…I blame weller.

  9. r6stu says:

    are these vids from the 80s lol! great never the less

  10. SagatPL says:

    cool teaching names tools – thanks ^_^

  11. kevinsmb says:

    me too!!!

  12. methodinsane says:

    Yes sir. He’s cool!

  13. HowDoYouMake says:

    me too!!

  14. anthonyyz says:

    me too!

  15. davidbball13 says:

    i love this guy

  16. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    @compassman33 The ones shown here are Deans Ultra Plugs

  17. compassman33 says:

    are there different types of deans connectors , i have seen deans with flat connectors and i have seen deans with stick like connectors, is there a difference and does it matter

  18. burtonkidd says:

    I would rather not spend $220 for a soldering station.
    I bought a station last year for $90 temps up to 850*F 60W.

    perfect for what i use it for.

  19. 1521joe says:

    5 stars
    thankyou for such a good video

  20. ciprianwiner says:

    really nice tips

  21. chris07081 says:

    o btw what are you cleaning the iron with

  22. chris07081 says:

    thx man mad video

  23. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    @bobbygotland We have them on the Horizon Hobby website. If you look in the “More Info” section for this video the top link provided will take you to where you can purchase one.

  24. bobbygotland says:

    where do they sell those soldering stations?

  25. doodleman99 says:

    soddering?? lol

  26. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    @purplelambo95 You can either unsolder it to clean it or leave it connected, I’ve done both.

  27. purplelambo95 says:

    if you solder a motor directly to the esc on a slash how are u supposed to clean the motor

  28. followerofchrist27 says:

    Thx so much man, u just saved me $100!

  29. Ispintechno1 says:

    I did mean EC3, thanks I will look for the vid!

  30. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    Get a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel. You’re going to need to slot that screw head so you can use a flat blade screwdriver to back it out.

  31. joe0wnzu says:

    the actual motor screw that holds the motor onto the mtor pl8

  32. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    The pinion setscrew stripped or the actual motor screw?

  33. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    If you mean EC3 we have a video on the site here showing how to install EC3 connectors.

  34. joe0wnzu says:

    when i was taking my motor out i broke the hex on the screw and tryed to get it out but i canot change it now any help ?

  35. Ispintechno1 says:

    This is a very useful video, thank you very much sir.
    Can you make a video to show how to change connectors on lipos and ESCs? Like going from a deans to an AC3 or visa-versa? Something I need to do and would like to know the expert way to do it.
    Grats 😀

  36. nts213 says:

    Thank you you’ve been alot of help.

  37. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    I don’t like using flux personally. I think it makes more of a mess than it’s worth. If you use a good quality solder and iron and properly clean the surface you’re soldering to you won’t need it.

  38. nts213 says:

    Do you need to use flux when you solder.

  39. ossiegoldhill123 says:

    use horizon UK not US if you live in England they are fantastic. just google horizon hobby uk

  40. HorizonRCdotCom says:

    Our E-mail address is under the “More Info” section of the video here. YouTube won’t allow links/addresses to be posted in the comments section here for some reason.

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