Soldering Techniques

A beginner’s guide to soldering. This video covers the proper methods, tips and tricks for connecting components on a breadboard. View more lab equipment tutorials in higher quality at:
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5 Responses to Soldering Techniques

  1. TheLukey21 says:

    did he say safety glass’s lol

  2. ericbwertz says:

    Oh man, you didn’t tin the tip before you put the soldering iron away!

    Any time that the soldering iron is in the stand (either hot in use, or cold in storage) for more than a few seconds, you should have a layer of solder on the tip to protect it from oxidizing.

    A crusty, oxidized tip is as useless as a Stanford graduate. Go Bears!

  3. commandosolo2009 says:

    thanks man, I shall try too, and of course practice. but thanks..

  4. bobaab says:

    Great video. Loved the black and white section! Totally looked like an infomercial LOL

  5. cyrixproductions says:

    Thanks verry much dude!!!

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