How to Solder copper Pipe and repipe home Part 1

How to solder copper pipe and re-pipe home. Well how did this come about? I Felt that there’s was a lot of people out there that like Diy projects and they do have the skill, and some of use have more time then we have money, but they all have one thing in common is they just need a little encouragement and close up on know how. And in these video I provide just that. Every shot is close up and personal. I made these videos with the mind set of , How would I want to learn by watching a videos, and this these are the results. Close up shot’s of what is really going on. You know let me see move to the side man. I don’t want to see you I want to see what your doing. I can’t learn any thing looking at you show me that work please. Thank you! J Yep that’s just how I feel when I watch a video and the guy in the videos just wants to show himself and talk and talk and talk and close to the end he show a little shot of the work. Thanks a lot Pal for wasting my time. Now in these how to solder copper pipe and re-pipe home you we learn things like How to solder copper pipe, How to keep from burning things around you, How to hang copper pipe to floor joist, how to prepare the copper pipe and pipe fitting to be soldered, Soldering copper pipe and fitting in the horizontal position, how to solder Dielectric unions on water heater with out burning the inserts, and much more. Soldering copper pipe is not as hard as it may seem with a little know how and practice you can become a pro in
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7 Responses to How to Solder copper Pipe and repipe home Part 1

  1. MichelleRundell says:

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  2. plumberx says:

    awsome Thank you for the Nice comment 🙂

  3. dkppsccom says:

    Thank you. These were helpful for a DIY’er that was “rusty” on soldering copper pipes. On a rainy Sunday afternoon when my water heater pressure relief valve needed replacing, I found relief here with these videos. Well presented. Straightforward. Clear and simple. Perfect!

  4. 101nagen says:

    Wicked thanks for letting me know.

  5. plumberx says:

    @101nagen On the cleaning strip I like to use fiber glass mech, I buy in it rolls of 20′ or more brade name what ever they have in stock at the time there all the same, Same on the brown jersy gloves i use, I get them from Lowes or The Home Depot by the six pack.

  6. 101nagen says:

    2 questions, The cleaning strip your useing does that come in different grit rates? And what is the nakers name. And the other is what are the gloves you have on and the nakers name please. lol guess thats really four questions.


  7. jeffpicks says:

    Any reason why you don’t deburr the inside of the cut pipe?

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