Fluxing & Soldering Techniques

This video goes over fluxing and soldering techniques. This includes a description of certain flux and how to apply. The second part of the video displays how to properly apply heat and solder to a copper joint.
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25 Responses to Fluxing & Soldering Techniques

  1. MegaAlan1967 says:

    Harold if i took that long to solder and put flux in a fitting id be sacked oh. never seen you having a go at the other side of the fitting pretty shit

  2. rob121379 says:


  3. MrJanitore says:

    Learn to speak properly.
    Learn to not be such an ignorant mule.

  4. smudger220 says:

    Why cant you pronounce SOLDER?

  5. ajaben says:

    @pigpenworld The L is silent in N. American pronunciation.

  6. redos12 says:

    shit soldering typical yanks cant do anything right.

  7. QwikKota says:


    Actually that’s pretty much the phonetic spelling. The dude is quoting solder specs, I think he knows how to pronounce it.

  8. grannysvids says:

    is this guy blind?

  9. pigpenworld says:

    its called solder NOT sodder !

  10. TheOldkid888 says:

    It is just a matter of heating the pipe joint, applying the solder on top and let it run around. Take your time and you will ahve no problems. good luck and have a good day

  11. Invisiblepanda says:

    @TheOldkid888 should i just apply the solder to the top and let it bead to the bottom or should i walk it around?

  12. suomi35 says:

    what the flux!?

  13. 619Movement says:

    simple just what I wanted to see others talk to much this guy gets to the point well done hats off to ya!!!

  14. joop1977 says:

    @MrJANTJE123 I am actualy a fully qualified plumber and gas safe registered,my soldering skills are epic.

  15. MrJANTJE123 says:

    @joop1977 wtf

  16. joop1977 says:

    @MrJANTJE123 tit

  17. 111diemaker says:

    what a hack hope he’s paid by the hour

  18. 111diemaker says:

    what a hack

  19. MrJANTJE123 says:

    @IiMiDDL3TONiI no start at the bottom cuz heat rises up into the joint and what you didn’t mention is that solder follows heat so you don’t need to heat the pipe so solder moves into the fitting

  20. MrJANTJE123 says:

    @joop1977 troll

  21. TheOldkid888 says:

    WOW!….Very hard to watch. I have been at this for over 30 years and that wasn’t pretty. When applying heat it is to be placed on the bottom of the fitting as heat rises.Depending on the size of the pipe to be soldered,but most homeowners would have 1/2 and 3/4 size pipe in their home.Apply the heat to the bottom and then place the solder on top.There is no need to wipe the soldering paste (flux) off before you begin. Take a damp cloth and remove the flux once the joint has cooled. G.L.

  22. srkh28 says:

    plumbers dont know what flux is.

  23. zeppelin69801 says:


  24. LaksaMedan says:

    The worst soldering technique ever !!!
    Why not apply heat at the 90deg fitting and start the solder from the top.
    and let the melted solder roll to the left and right.

  25. joop1977 says:

    nooooooooooooooo,real plumbers never apply flux to the fitting!

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