Basic Soldering Tools for PMC, Silver & Gold – Part 2

This is Part 2 of Basic Soldering Tools for PMC. Start with Part 1 for the best learning experience.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A detailed visual guide on how to extend and solder wires such as the ones from fans in a computer.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a couple of solder products you should check out:

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25 Responses to Basic Soldering Tools for PMC, Silver & Gold – Part 2

  1. stur1983 says:

    you forgot about gas powered irons

  2. baggens55 says:

    @zoop425 What about gun or the like pencil ones

  3. zoop425 says:

    @MU51CxL0V3R to get it to flow on to the wires, you can heat it on the tip and tin the tip at the beginning.

  4. MU51CxL0V3R says:

    So no matter what type of soldering you are doing (like re-soldering a lose power jack in a laptop), the solder should NEVER touch the iron?

  5. 099psp says:

    battery powered are electricity powered….

  6. BeezDuL says:

    @bobbysam232 lol (thumbs up)

  7. bobbysam232 says:

    Propane soldering iron 😛

  8. zoop425 says:

    @Jiraya12345 outlet, they are always the way to go if you can..

  9. Jiraya12345 says:

    Which would you recommend- battery or outlet powered soldering irons?

  10. iamnotafamilyguy says:

    the bit you were using to strip the wires is for cutting small bolts

  11. zoop425 says:

    Logitech x530

  12. 6computer6 says:

    what sound system do you have?

  13. zoop425 says:

    Thank you

  14. TylertheGeek28 says:

    informative video, nice work

  15. zoop425 says:

    haha sorry I didn’t make it sooner!

  16. youpube1011 says:

    OMG where were you when i broke my headset and tried soldering it back and just fucked myself over haha

  17. zoop425 says:

    Thank you

  18. sneakerset says:

    Nice utility video. Straightforward presentation w/o the frills. Lends itself well to other household projects,too. Sometimes it’s prudent to check voltage,polarity,or continuity on these types of connections. I’m sure you’ll cover that later. Also, the finer gauges of wire used in mic. and headset connections can be worked….just use a Bic lighter (to avoid nicking the copper). Lightly melt the desired spot (it will smoke a bit),count to 3, pinch and strip the jacket with the fingernails.

  19. zoop425 says:

    no problem

  20. pcgamingman says:

    wow, i thought it would be much harder. Maybe i will try that since i can see from your video that its pretty simple.

  21. zoop425 says:

    Thank you

  22. marland66 says:

    Great job! Easy to see and to understand! Keep up the good work! 5/5

  23. zoop425 says:

    thank you

  24. dacooter says:

    nice tutorial. i have soldered things before but only to pbc never to other wires!

  25. zoop425 says:

    thanks.. Ill think about it haha

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