Making A Solar Panel – Making a Solar Panel From Scratch With Recycled Materials

Making A Solar Panel – Making a Solar Panel From Scratch With Recycled Materials

Making A Solar Panel

Making a solar panel out of the things that you may want to throw away is something that you should think about. As you will be making use of the things you no longer find useful. There are just things that you need to have to or tools that are required to make perform this easy task, and the things that you need are; a Rosin flux pen, a plexiglass sheet, a silicon caulk, paint brush, electrical solder, copper wires, wire cutter, soldering iron, a screw driver and a saw.

What you need to have from your possible scratch materials at home are tin wires, and plywood that has a length that would suffice the making of the project. There are however things that you may have to buy on hardware store, such as the UV protective varnish and the solar cells.

But if you have things like this at home that are no longer intended for your consumption you may no longer need to buy. Making A Solar Panel

Now to begin with, first is to have the plywood cut into a desired size and shape or if the size is ideal for the placement of the solar cells have it painted using a UV protective varnish.

Using a Rosin flux pen apply flux to the strips of connectors, have each cells connected one another using the connector wires that has been fluxed and seal their integrity by soldering.

Now using your silicon caulk dabs, have these cells attached to the plywood.

Ensure to have holes for the wires that are to be pulled from the last element solar cell, if the wires have already gone through holes it is to be sealed with silicon beads.

To make it possible for the screws to be accommodated on the plexiglass have holes drill on it. Make a frame that will support the plexiglass, you may then have the plexiglass attached to the plywood with solar cells and have them screwed. Now your solar panel is ready. Making A Solar Panel

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