Filigree Soldering Demo part 2

Demonstration of soldering filigree using a solder pick. 3D filigree-by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, Author of Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewelry. Part 2 of 3 See for more filigree

This video gives a detailed description of the proper technique for soldering bullet connectors onto a brushless motor speed controller.

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4 Responses to Filigree Soldering Demo part 2

  1. annemaclean27 says:

    FINALLY . I understand how to get the effect i wanted in my jewlery.. took forever! want to wrap strange shappend gemstones and needed to learn HOW to solder LOL

  2. WillowBranchDesigns says:

    Thank you..just the refresher I needed.

  3. dodo6244 says:

    thanks that was very helpful

  4. RickN828 says:

    Hmmmm. I used to use hemostats to hold the bullets. Nice idea. Rickn816

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