Desoldering Wick best selling

Desoldering Wick best selling

Desoldering Wick


I bought this to work on a project that required removing colored LEDs from a circuit board so I can install white LEDs… so I was removing about 150 connections. 

It worked OK at first… it would suck up the old solder but took some poking and prodding to get a good contact. Also, you need a hot iron so you can heat both the solder and the wick (perhaps that was the problem the other guy had??? Don’t try this with a cheap iron that doesn’t get hot… it should be able to very quickly melt the solder) 

But then I had a brainstorm…

I grabbed some of my flux (the “stuff” you put on before you solder copper pipes together… look in the plumbing section of any hardware) and lightly coated the end of the wick with the flux. This makes it work 30 times better! The flux draws the solder into the wick so fast that its amazing. 

Just be careful not to get too much flux on the wick, as it will get all over what you are desoldering as it gets hot. 

As you are using it… once the end gets thoroughly coated with old solder just cut off that part and then touch it to the flux and then keep going. 

(you might not realize it, but your solder most likely contains a flux core… thats why you don’t need it to put down the new solder… but its not there for the old solder so you have to add it to the wick)

This is tiny desoldering copper wick (thin copper wire), so it is not good for remove a lot of solder, definitely not those through hole components desoldering. I use it mainly for Surface mount devices desoldering and I think this product is for that only too. Works well for that purpose, but it works with all desoldering need, just that you have to apply some flux on the wick so it conduct heat better, thus easier for it to suck solder. 

PS. This wick is about 1 meter in length, not a lot of wick if I have to say.


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