Tin Prices Continued To Rise So That Alternative Raw Materials, Consumer Choice

Tin Prices Continued To Rise So That Alternative Raw Materials, Consumer Choice
DKL Metals solder manufacturer, said on Monday this year, tin prices are expected to test new highs, but the volatility of future price movements will mean more and more consumers will consider the use of alternative raw materials.

LME base metal in the performance of the most prominent is the tin, so far this year has risen by about 55%. Tin is widely used in electronic industry field of welding.

West Lothian,bronze powder ( FCu 663) price, said the company’s general manager Colin Longworth, it is indeed surprising. There is no doubt that the continuing rise of the price of slowing demand. The concern is possible to reach the peak yet,bronze powder ( FCu 663) supplier, but I think almost all factors are priced into the market.

Supporting factor is the rise of tin supply gap will continue to expand the market expectations, due to the Indonesian tin supply is reduced, Indonesia is the world’s largest tin exporter and second only to China’s second largest producer.

Analysts said that if the price of tin fell in tight supply concerns and continued to hold in high,bronze powder ( FCu 663), driven by rising or high, then use less in some areas of tin, it will stimulate the use of alternative raw materials activities.

A recent survey,metal powder exporter, analysts expect the shortage of Wuxi City in 2010 7,500 tons. Global consumption this year is expected at 36.5 million tons.
Source: http://www.mhcmp.com


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