How to handle the issue caused by dry joint

How to handle the issue caused by dry joint

Due to the current laptops are packaged with the bga, bga package has its great advantages, but due to the tin solder, this solder in use often leads to the phenomenon of cold solder joint, resulting in a variety of problems in the desktop Cpu board mainly in the Block Weld, and in the notebook ,Acer Aspire One ZG5 or Acer Aspire One, graphics performance is up to Weld, resulting in blank, the screen off and so on.

1.cable loose

Notebook keyboard, motherboard, network card, and many other components with snap-fit ​​or inserted between all connected, in use since the collision, moving and so very likely to cause loose, resulting in a feature is not available or not fully available, the performance is the most Loose wire screen and keyboard lines loose, after such a failure by the disassembly is easy to solve, so if your books through the collision or after shaking some functional problems, you should first consider the problem of loose connection.

2. Keyboard Problems

Keyboard problem is recurring maintenance, up to the performance of the spilled liquid or buttons missing. Below the keyboard is usually the largest heat cpu or video card, keyboard is a major way to heat them, so do not use ordinary plastic film, preferably in a dedicated notebook keyboard sets.

3.Battery Problems

Laptop repair the more common problems, mainly for battery ,for charging time been shorter, the battery will not charge, or charge can not be displayed, etc. Not charge and charge for can not be displayed, the largest problem is the power chip. The battery 0910 error, shorter charging time is mainly used in our daily caused by improper use. We are in daily use in the prolonged use of external power supply if the battery Remove the use of the best, but the battery can not be extended period of time, preferably once a month or so deep charge and discharge, is best placed before the battery is fully charged, so as to avoid Permanent sleep causing the battery can not be activated.

4.Heat dissipation

Laptop cooling problem is also one of the most frequently asked questions. Laptops in use for a long time, the heat sink, the keyboard often a lot of dust or floc rapidly, resulting in frequent crashes laptop problems.

For the thermal problem, we do not use a sharp tool in trying to clear the dust into the fan, so as to avoid damage to the fan page, cpu fan and heat sink is made ​​together, if fan page is damaged, can cause improper cooling, noise increases, Serious need to replace the fan, cpu fan because the cost is very expensive, so we had better develop the good habit of regular cleaning notebook.

5.Memory compatibility issues

On the compatibility of memory on the desktop we can see, especially in a notebook, the memory will often cause the machine is not compatible can not start, run the program blue screen and other failures. If your machine can have such trouble yourself before you completely removed a memory, If the problem is the memory compatibility issues.


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