Sievert Propane Soldering Iron

From What’s nice about soldering with a propane soldering outfit is that there is no open flame. The flame is hidden inside the head, so there is no chance of catching a house on fire when soldering roof flashings. These tools are popular for flat-lock soldered copper roofing installations and any copper soldering application in the shop or on the job.
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6 Responses to Sievert Propane Soldering Iron

  1. ANoobIsYOU says:

    Does the solder have a increased Heat Pressure?

  2. rakkern29 says:

    A little cold at the end 🙂 Yhose sieverts are a little weak on long soldering operations. Nice show.

  3. Mynameisnotooo says:

    Is your name Hank Hill by any chance? Heh.

  4. MacsCanfly says:

    ahh if you touched that soldering iron on paper carpet or news paper ect it would instantly light it up

  5. jcjenkins01 says:

    Open flame torches cause fires.

  6. Lokivoid says:

    Why not just bleed it with a propane torch.

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