Stained Glass Ideas sg10j decorative soldering

1.13.09 – started a new stained glass window panel measuring 28″ x 40″….this video is how we fix the solder melt throughs and how we go about doing decorative soldering – hundreds of little solder balls
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5 Responses to Stained Glass Ideas sg10j decorative soldering

  1. mscongeniality1966 says:

    Your glass is beautiful & so is your skill but your videos are hard to find because they are not in a proper order I couldn’t find some so I gave up try naming the piece & adding part 1 of 9 or A to D it will be very helpful & also please preview your videos before you post the thumping of the microphone was very annoying in this video it made me not want to watch it all. Others have made comments about the instructional videos of all kinds being hard to follow so I am not picking on you alone!

  2. Doris6451 says:

    I am really enjoying your videos and am learning so much from your techniques!
    I have been doing stianed glass off and on for about 20 years. I have recently purchased a came bender, but am having trouble learning how to operate it.
    Can you do a video on how to use it properly. Thanks so much

  3. hhmld says:

    I have used this technique before and love the effect. I enjoy watching your videos and am regular visitor to your web site.

  4. tan21sec2 says:

    thaks for the vid! I haven’t seen the beaded dots before, its a great effect!!

  5. Bagietnik says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! They’re very useful 🙂

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