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  1. Gentlemen,
    I recently purchased a 40W weller soldering kit at The Homer Depot. I’ve been using the gun quite a bit lately and went back to the store today. (in a snow storm here in CT)
    I asked for a replacement tip for my unit since the one I was using was worn and needed to be replaced. Much to my amazement and chagrin, they didnt sell replacement tips, only whole kits and if I needed a new tip….Yep you understand!
    To me that’s nuts!
    If you sell a product which uses a tip that wears, why would you not sell replacements???


    Mike Calandrino

  2. Mike Sonney says:

    A few questions, please.
    1. Does OSHA Table listed in 1910.252(b)(2)(ii)(H) require a shade 2 for use with a Weller MT1500?,
    2. Do you have a safety manual of the MT1500?, and
    3. Does the solder temperature reach a point with 50% lead solder that I should survey the breathing zone of the operator.

    Thanks you for your time.
    Mike SOnney 210-542-1458

  3. Michel Lambert says:

    I have had a weller soldering gun model 5500 since at lease 40 years and have been very satisfied. Yesterday I had to weld a piece of Equipment but . . . It does’nt work anymore. I feel real bad about it and would like to know where could I have it fixed.

    I would certainly appreciate your help.

    Best regards,


  4. Vic says:

    Will it damage my wes51 station to use it with its default ETA tip as a hot knife to cut polypropylene tarp (12 mil)? I know I will need to replace the tip afterwards, so I’m just asking if using the station in this manner will damage any other part of the station other than the tip. Thank you.

  5. Gary Olson says:

    Soldering iron WLC200

    It came with MTG20 tip. Bought a MTG21 for the iron and seems to be too small for the socket.

    Should it be fitting loose?

    Gary Olson

  6. shane says:

    Hey Vic,

    Fill out the form at the link below to get your question to the right department:

  7. shane says:

    Hey Gary,

    Fill out the form at the link below to get your question to the right department:

  8. shane says:

    Hey Michel,

    Fill out the form at the link below to get your question to the right department:

  9. shane says:

    Hey Mike,

    Fill out the form at the link below to get your question to the right department:

  10. Roger gagnon says:

    Where can I get a replacement tip for the 40watt purchased at Home Depot?

  11. Greg schroeder says:

    I recently unpacked my Weller wes51soldering station and I noticed that the d=
    ial knob was broken at the stem. Is it possible to get a replacement black k=
    nob for my soldering station. Is there a way to get a replacement

  12. Kerry says:

    I just purchased two irons from Walmart. Then purchased another one from Home Depot because the two from Walmart stopped getting hot enough after an hour of use on each on.

    Now the same issue has happened on the bigger one from Home Depot that lasted two hours before it stopped getting hot enough to solder LED lights together.

    Whats going on? Why is this happening?


  13. shane says:

    Hi Kerry, what type or power source are you using at home?

  14. shane says:

    Sure Greg, all you have to do is call us or whomever you purchased your iron through and they’ll replace the defective piece.

  15. shane says:

    Hi Roger, you can get a replacement tip from the same place you purchased the iron.

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