Helpful Resources

Below are some resources that you may find helpful in addition to the information on this site:

1)  Wikipedia – Soldering

2)  Types of Weller Soldering Tools

3)  Lead Free Soldering Partnership

If you should need any additional info you can find it by clicking here.



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4 Responses to Helpful Resources

  1. Rickey Hayes says:

    Where do I go to get repair parts for a WE-51 station? I need temperature control knob or get a parts breakout sheet?

  2. shane says:

    Hi Rickey…you can go to to find the parts you need.

  3. John J Mullan says:

    I purchased a D550PK soldering gun from Amazon, Feb 18, 2012. I’ve used it less than a half dozen times. Today the lights kept going on and off when using it and then finally just quit altogether. Is there something I can do, or does it need to be replaced? Thanks…John

  4. shane says:

    Hi John, sounds like a high open on the power supply. Bring it back to where you purchased it and just get a new unit.

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